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Katherine d’Entremont

Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick

Katherine d’Entremont was appointed Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick in June 2013 for a seven-year mandate.

Originally from Moncton, Ms. d’Entremont grew up in a bilingual and bicultural family, her mother being Anglophone, her father, Francophone. Through her personal and professional life, she acquired a thorough appreciation of New Brunswick’s two linguistic communities.

With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Certificate in Adult Education and the Osgoode/FCO Certificate Essentials for Ombuds, Ms. d’Entremont enjoys a rich and diversified professional work experience. 

She started her career as a French Immersion teacher in Sussex and Fredericton. She then joined the New Brunswick Public Service where she held various senior positions. Her expertise covers many fields, such as official languages, the municipal sector, human resources, and workplace equity.

Between 1997 and 1999, Katherine d’Entremont served as Director of the Office of Official Languages for the Government of New Brunswick. Then, as the Director of the Municipal Services Division, she played a key role in the initial implementation of the Official Languages Act of New Brunswick in the municipal sector.

Katherine d’Entremont’s interest in lifelong learning led her to become the Chief Executive Officer of the National Adult Literacy Database in 2007, a national bilingual provider of online Literacy and Essential Skills resources.

Katherine d’Entremont has also worked as a strategic planning consultant in the college sector and has participated in an international development project in Malawi.

Ms. d’Entremont is also very involved with volunteer groups and organizations. Namely, she has served on the national board of directors for SEVEC, the Society for Educational Visits and Exchanges Canada – a non-profit organization that builds bridges between young Canadians and provides them with the opportunity to learn about their country.

Prior to becoming Commissioner, Ms. d’Entremont was the Administrator of the Table of Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Local Government. As such, she led pan-Canadian initiatives on local government issues.

Very involved in her community, Katherine d’Entremont has been for many years a volunteer fitness instructor at the Fredericton YMCA. She lives in the New Brunswick capital with her family.

The Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick is an independent agent of the Legislative Assembly. Her role is to investigate, report on, and make recommendations with regard to compliance with the Official Languages Act. She is also responsible for the promotion of the advancement of both official languages in the province.