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Katherine d’Entremont

Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick

Katherine d’Entremont was appointed Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick in June 2013 for a seven year mandate.

Born in Halifax and raised in Moncton, Ms. d’Entremont states always having had ‘’one foot firmly planted in each linguistic community’’, her mother being Anglophone, her father, Francophone.

With a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Certificate in Adult Education, Ms. d’Entremont has a rich and varied work experience.

After spending her early career years teaching French Immersion, she joined the New Brunswick Public Service where she held various senior level positions. Her expertise covers many fields such as official languages, literacy, the municipal sector, human resources and workplace equity.

As an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly, the Commissioner’s mandate is to investigate, report on and make recommendations with regard to compliance with the Official Languages Act and to promote the advancement of both official languages in the province.

The Commissioner favours a systemic approach to investigations aimed at identifying widespread problems in the delivery of public services in both official languages, with the goal of preventing their recurrence. The Commissioner’s recommendations are realistic and pragmatic in order to facilitate their implementation by institutions.